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I came into the office for a dental implant extremely nervous. After talking with Dr. Grossi and his staff my nervousness subsided and the procedure went extremely well. Absolutely no pain! Dr. and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable.

CRUNCH! "Was that my tooth?" I said out loud to my coworker It was 7:45 in the morning and i was eating my oatmeal before work and it got crunchy. I spit it out of my mouth to see what it was and i that one of my teeth was missing. I didn't have any pain but most of my tooth was mixed in with my oatmeal that was in the paper towel, I put on my desk. At 9:00am I called Grossi Dental and Wellness in Swartz Creek to see if they could squeeze me in some time that day. The receptionist said that if I could be there at 2:00pm that Dr. Grossi would be able to take a look at it. I told her I would be there. I walked into the office at 1:55pm. At 1:58pm I was seated in an exam chair and Dr. Grossi said that he could put a temporary crown on, but I would have to come in at a later day to have a permanent on put on. I told him that I had an appointment for my son at 3:30, and asked if I would be out in time. Dr. Grossi said, "Let's get it done!" He and the staff went to work and at 2:56pm I was leaving the office with my temporary tooth in place. Thank you Dr. Grossi and your AWESOME staff for the great work that you do!


I would like to say I love this team at Gateway. They are very friendly and the service here is wonderful. I would not consider going anywhere else because they exceeded my expectations.


“Dr. Grossi and Dr. Ewing have been a team working on my teeth, both kind and compassionate. Both skilled and creative. Together with the dental assistants and cleanings, I am back on track from a long road of dental problems to a road of good dental health and good oral hygiene. I am so grateful! Thank you to the complete Gateway staff, you have been great!”


I came in with my daughter for her appointment. I was so impressed with the way they not only took care of her but also answered questions and concerns I have for myself. I was even given number to help change my insurance to cover me in the office. The staff treated me like I was a patient as well, not just my daughter. I have a huge fear of dentists and here a lot of that was relieved the minute I walked in the door. I am definitely going to become a patient here myself. Thank you for treating me as well as you all did. your staff is amazing.


I absolutely love this place. The front desk assistant is such a pleasure whether you speak with him in person or over the phone. The billing women are fantastic as well. I've created such a bond with my hygienist that I cant imagine having my teeth cleaned in any other facility. Dr. Grossi is great and I never dread having to schedule my next appointment. I love it here!


I am beyond thrilled to bring my autistic son here when he is due for his cleanings. I told my son when I first went to see Dr. Grossi, I would let him know what I thought and if I liked it. He is beyond excited that he will actually meet the doctor when he goes. Where as our old dentist down the road failed to do so, not even at two of our past visits since we went there. I appreciate the time and care that was given to me at Gateway. Not only from Dr. Grossi, but his staff as well. We are blessed to have such a great team with Grossi Dental and Wellness!


As a new patient, I was very apprehensive. Andrea was wonderful. The in-house payment program made completing my care affordable. Dr. Grossi was upbeat and let me know I was in good hands.


I am so grateful to everyone at Grossi Dental and Wellness for helping me in this difficult time. I have an immense fear of the dentist, and everyone has made it possible for me to have dental acre, and the fear has been handled in such a way that I can now have dental care and not ear as I once did. God Bless all of you.


The staff was extremely friendly, the amenities, the office offers are incredible. By far the best dentist office I have ever been to.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience in your office. I came in on the Free Day and had Emily clean my teeth. She was so sweet and friendly!! She made me feel very comfortable :) Thank you Emily, you did a great job!! Thank you for offering services to people in need, so kind of you all! I look forward to coming back to this office and meeting the dentist again soon. Thanks again!


“At age 70, I have had to make many visits to the dentist and have spent many hours in the chair. Some of the dental work I had early in life was of very poor quality, compared to work that is done today. I appreciate Dr. Ewing’s caring, gentle manner, and that he takes time to explain exactly what he is doing. He makes a difficult time much easier. I can’t imagine the service being any better. Thanks!”


Trust and comfort are very important to me as far as my dental care is concerned. That's why I'm thankful for Grossi Dental and Wellness


“Thank you for your attentiveness during my dental procedure. Although going to the dentist makes me nervous, you were very helpful in getting me to relax. I so appreciate you walking me through the filling procedure. This is the first time ever a dentist was focused on helping me by stating everything that was going to be done step by step, that was a blessing for me! Thank you, thank you!”


“I appreciated the staff calling to see if I was having any problems with my bite plate. Staff is great, helpful and understanding.”


Words can not express how wonderful it is to have a smile you're not embarrassed by or to be able to laugh without covering it with your hand, the confidence achieved in taking this step. I waited many years, probably too many, to have my smile "fixed". Thank you for guiding me and explaining how an overall, more permanent fix to my entire top row of my teeth would be better than my usual fix of each problem as it came up. There never would have been uniformity with that process and I never would have gotten the results I truly wanted and had always wished for. And it was so sweet how everyone was excited for me! God surely blessed me when He led me to Grossi Dental and Wellness!!!


Top notch, A+, Bravo, Not an unkind word from my mouth. Great Staff!


I just wanted to say I went 20 years without going to the dentist. I am deathly afraid of needles. I have a very dear friend named Bibi, she is the office manager at Grossi Dental and Wellness. She convinced me to go see them one time. This place is incredible. I no longer fear the dentist, and have been back many times in the past year or so. They all treat me like family. Last week I had another crown done and need to say that I had a new girl assistant, he name was Elisha. What an incredible young lady. Thank you so much Elisha for an incredible experience. Most of all thank you Bibi for getting me in to Grossi Dental and Wellness,


I don't mind going to the dentist anymore. The dentist and staff are very friendly and concerned about their patients. I am glad I switched!


“When I started coming to Grossi Dental and Wellness I was afraid of the dentist like you would not believe. When I first came to see everyone at Gateway … they would work with me on all levels to the point that I now enjoy going to the dentist.”


“Everyone was wonderful!”


I love this place so much, I drive 1 hour and 45 minutes from Toledo to see these guys.


Love it here. Would not take myself or my daughter anywhere else. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Grossi is the best. They go above and beyond.


I wouldn't have believed you could rave about a dental care team but that is exactly what I've been doing to family and friends. From the team at the front desk to each and every member of the staff, I felt so comfortable. Dr. Grossi is great. He preformed a simple filling, a crown, and started the procedure for an implant (on one day) - all without pain or anxiety. Thank you Grossi Dental and Wellness.

“I’m the biggest baby when it comes to dental procedures and they all took such good care of me during my visit … instead of dreading my dental appointments, I actually look forward to them now, and I thank them for that.”


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