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Get Out of Your Own Way

Answer this question right now: What’s standing in the way of you achieving your goals? 

Most people would say a lack of time, lack of resources, or lack of external support. Maybe a particular person or company or organization is responsible. 

I’m here to challenge these common answers and gently suggest that you are what’s standing in the way of achieving your goals. To achieve your goals, you have to get out of your own way first.

Taking Ownership 

The first step here is to take ownership. You need to understand that you are the one who’s in control of your destiny, not anyone or anything outside of you.

This is more difficult than it sounds, because the truth is that not taking ownership is usually a more comfortable place to be. We can always point to reasons why we haven’t achieved what we set out to achieve – she did this to me, or he said that about me, or the economy/the government/the weather/etc. stopped me from reaching my goal. 

But this is a victim mentality and it doesn’t serve you in the end. It only takes away your power and prevents you from discovering new ideas and solutions that could serve you. While it can feel scarier to take ownership and, therefore, take responsibility for your successes and your failures, it’s necessary. 

Stop making excuses. Get out of your own way and take ownership of your life and your future. 

Staying Open 

When you’ve done that, next you can open yourself up to the opportunities that are out there waiting for you. Stay focused on your dreams so the universe can help you along your path. Be on the lookout for new people and new experiences that may aid you in your purpose, even if at first they don’t seem to be relevant. Listen to your body and when you feel that buzz of energy lighting you up, then you know you’re onto something good; follow it. 

This can be the hardest part of getting out of your own way, because it requires you to slow down and pay attention. Many of us are busy, busy, busy. But sometimes you need to stop and tap into something more subtle and listen to your instincts. If you don’t, you could miss out on the opportunities that are waiting for you. 

Welcome Change; Don’t Run from It 

We are meant to live a big life and achieve our biggest dreams. Don’t be afraid of it! Doing this means welcoming change rather than avoiding it for the sake of comfort. It means opening up so you can allow all the good things to come to you that are destined for you. All you have to do is stop preventing your own success. Get out of your own way and see what’s in store for you.

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